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Original Bronze Sculpture "Artifice" - 2016, 95 lbs, h:24 w:7 d:9" (Work in Progress)
5 Artist Proofs + 10 Special Editions: $25,000 with Certificate of Authenticity! Purchase here!
"Artifice" is my eighth bronze sculpture and female counterpart to my "Volnus" sculpture I made three years ago which won Best of Show at the 2013 Texas Art Hop. I designed Artifice in 2009 and Volnus in 2010 after reading a story in the Urantia Book about the angels deceived by Lucifer and I imagined their disillusionment. Live models posed for each in my studio. Below is a recent VRay rendering of my original CAD model. This sculpture's proved so difficult to create, I'm finally able to cast it now in my foundry after nearly eight years! Track my progress photos on Facebook here.
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