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Artist's Statement

"I've been an artist and engineer most of my life. Ever since a young boy, I’ve been fascinated by figurative art. Masterpieces by DaVinci, Michelangelo, Bernini, and the ancient Greeks inspire me to this day. My art primarily focuses on the human form. Nothing rivals the beauty and mechanics of the human body.

My mom was a devout Catholic and taught me about faith. My father was a master mechanic who instilled the German philosophy of quality in my work. My art often combines my faith with engineering. Twenty years ago I started sculpting classical figures in bronze and built my own foundry in 2012. Few sculptors cast their own designs as I do, but I enjoy having complete control over the quality of my work.

Sculpting's easy compared to the work required to reproduce it in bronze! Foundry work is precise, technical, tedious, time consuming and expensive. So many steps must function perfectly with little room for error, and mistakes are costly. Staring at molten bronze above 2000 °F is mesmerizing and when the pour goes right it's amazing! It's taken me a decade to master the lost-wax foundry process and cast with perfection. Yet, I'm always learning and improving.

I learned much from second-generation foundry master John Kasson. I enlist the help of family pouring bronze but perform all other foundry work myself. Sometimes I sculpt in clay but prefer digital sculpting and 3D printing whenever possible. I've designed with CAD software 30 years, and it's usually the best technique for my projects. I can do things digitally that are impossible or take forever to do by hand in clay. Working as a engineer and character artist for three decades, I designed numerous precision organic digital character models using hi-end CAD software, acquiring a vast array of modeling techniques.

I design sculpture and jewelry using Autodesk 3D Studio Max and Pixologic ZBrush. Coupled with my new Solidscape 3D ultra-resolution wax printer, the possibilities are exciting to see what I can make!"

God Bless.. Paul Ray Effinger

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