Paul Ray Effinger Art Foundry

Original 2D Art by Paul Ray Effinger

Here's a sampling of some of my Drawings and sketches over the years.

Anne - 2019, Pencil & Charcoal Study, h24 w 36"

Triumph of Van Concept, 2011, Pencil & Photoshop, h8 w10"

Pope John Paul II, 1995, Water Color, h17 w:11"

Cloth Study, 1990, Pencil & Charcoal, h17 w11"

Wayne Gardener, 1990, Water Color, h24 w36"

Eddie Lawson,1984, Water Color, h8 w10"

Anatomical Studies (1 of 10), 1984, Pencil & Charcoal, h11 w8"

Arnold Swarzenegger, 1984, Pen & Ink, h14 w14"

Red Tailed Hawk, 1983, Pencil & Charcoal, h10 w8"

Theocles, 1982, Pen & Ink, h14 w17"

Shawdowfax, 1979, Pencil & Charcoal, h18 w24"