Paul Ray Effinger Fine Art Originals

Custom Pistol Grips by Paul Ray Effinger

Original 1911 Premium Silver Jesus Sacred Heart Grips

Solid .925 Sterling Silver 12 troy ounces. Limited Edition of 1000 with signed Certificate of Authenticity. See detailed description further below.

Select Grip Style

Options when ordering incl. two styles of grips: "Regular Grips" (shown below)

and "Long Grips" (shown below).

Both grip styles have the same backside, hole spacing and grip length.

"Regular" grips have beveled bottoms and "Long" Grips have square bottoms.

"Regular" grips angle down towards the bottom of the gun's magwell and account for probably 90% of existing grips. "Long" grips butt up flush to a protruding flange at the bottom of the gun's magwell (shown below) and are less common.

Another option when ordering grips includes accomodation for a left-handed safety (shown below).

I do have some videos of these grips on my facebook page (view here and here).

These grips are based on a similar Jesus pendant I designed (available in Jewelry). It takes 3-4 days to finish a pair of grips once ordered and I make everything by hand. Half the cost of these grips is for the special silver I cast with. It's taken me lots of trial and error to get the shrinkage just right and have the holes fit perfect. Currently, I'm making them in anti-tarnish Sterling Silver (six times more durable than normal sterling). The weight has been great to dampen the recoil on my 1911 and they fit good in the hand! :)

Currently I make grips in "Regular" and "Long" grip styles, but there're actually three sizes of pistol grips available for 1911's: "Regular", "Long", and "Short".

"Regular" and "Long" grips use 7-round clips (or more) and are the same length.

"Short" grips are for the Officer's model that has closer hole spacing, shorter grips and uses a 6-round clip. I don't make these yet.

I have more grips coming Fall 2019 so check back!! Thanks for checking them out!

God Bless.. Paul Ray Effinger

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