Paul Ray Effinger Art Foundry

5-Star Reviews

“Paul's work is unsurpassed. Fast shipping, and the fit and finish exceeded my expectations. If you're looking for the ultimate way to showcase your 1911 this is it.” – Steven Scott, Etsy Patron, 1911 Premium Silver Jesus Sacred Heart Grips

“You rarely see such crafts nowadays. The attention to detail is remarkable.” - Gavin Fuerst, Etsy Patron, 1911 Premium Silver Jesus Sacred Heart Grips

“The custom solid silver Jesus Sacred Heart Grips Paul Ray Effinger made for me are absolutely beautiful. They're a true work of art by a talented artist!” – Paul DesJardins, Etsy Patron, 1911 Premium Silver Jesus Sacred Heart Grips

“We absolutely love the custom lapel pins he created for us. Amazing! The only thing that we loved more was his top-notch customer service. Thank you for a phenomenal experience.” – Lisa Faramond, Etsy Patron, Premium Silver Custom Lapel Pins

“I actually purchased two rings and very happy with both. Very high-quality work and they fit perfectly. Easy to take care of: simple cloth polish will keep them shiny for years to come. I've been wearing them casually, but definitely have dressier outfits they’ll go with. Paul was very nice to talk to. He answered all my questions and made sure I'm happy with my purchase. Highly recommend for yourself or as a great gift!” – Dasha Chichasova, Etsy Patron, Premium Silver Starfish & Elven Scroll Rings

“Let me just say that it is the most amazing ring!!! I had seen it in the photo gallery, but the artist (who is also so amazing to work with) had created it special for someone with a size 5. I had wondered if it could be made into a size 8. I know it took a lot of time and effort to do for me, but the artist did so graciously and I could not be more pleased with the result. Artist was extremely communicative throughout the process & always, always very pleasant. I would highly recommend working with them. You will not be disappointed. And, their work is very high quality!!!” – Caycee Clark, Etsy Patron, Premium Silver Starfish Ring

“This starfish ring is so well crafted, not flimsy or lightweight. It’s high-quality silver and very nice. I’m going to have this seller custom make a couple of other pieces of jewelry for me!” Andreya Williams, Etsy Patron, Premium Silver Starfish Ring

“Absolutely beautiful work! Couldn't be more moved by quality and service. Highly recommend.” – Julie Mullenix, Pelle Design Services

“Amazing art by an amazing man! So versatile in his work. Pretty sure there isn't anything he can't create!” – Rebekah Effinger, Etsy Patron, Premium Silver Banded Ring

“It’s very hard to find a custom art designer. Effinger Art Foundry is one of a kind. Paul can custom make the most beautiful art pieces.” – Angela Williams, Owner, Asphalt Paving & Maintenance

“Gorgeous work...Fantastic attention to detail!” – Kendal Flippen

“Those two bronzes you made for me (Volnus and Artifice) are beyond words. Thank you my friend! Your work is second to none!!” – Paul Lulgjuraj, P.C.

"No one, and I mean no one, makes a bronze like this (Volnus) of such quality as their first casting!” - John Kasson, Owner, Kassons Castings

“Your work is awesome!! These look great, my vision is really coming to life!! It’s looking more and more like I envisioned it. I can’t draw a stick figure, but you’ve turned my ideas into something real! You’ve done an outstanding job on this project!! You’ve truly exceeded my expectations as a designer and I'm proud to have you on my team. Keep up the great work!” - Jordan Samson, CEO & Owner, Samson Enterprises

“Here's my sketching for what’s in my head. I’m a bad artist, and you can see why I've hired you. You came highly recommended. You’re design is spot on! You’ve got the design better than I could have dreamed!” - John-Paul Pack, CEO and Founder, Pack Starship Industries LLC

“Wow! This looks very beautiful, and what a wonderful presentation.” - Scott Patrick - Casting Product Development, Rio Grande Mfg R&D

“You're the most talented artist I know. The quality and beauty of your figurative sculptures are second to none, as good as anything I've seen from the Renaissance. The fact you make them entirely yourself blows me away!” - Roy Anderson, Owner, Anderson Marketing LLC

“First of all, OH MY GOD! She’s already so cute! You're doing a super fantastic job! Paul, you're amazing!!! Thank you SO much!!! Sending you a BIG cyber hug!! Looking forward to making this little rockstar (toy figure) and many more a reality!!!” - Heather Sanders, Owner, Bloom World Toys