Paul Ray Effinger Art Foundry

Original 1911 American Beauty Nude Female Long Grips by Paul Ray Effinger

Solid .925 Sterling Silver 14 troy ounces. Limited Edition with signed Certificate of Authenticity. These are full-sized 1911 "Long Grips" and less common than full-sized "Regular Grips". See my "Regular Grips" if you need those.

Style & Safety Option

For additional cost, I can customize your name on the left grip's banner (like those below) where mine PAUL RAY EFFINGER appears above.

Another option you can choose when ordering is to accommodate a Left-Handed safety as shown below; if you're gun has a Left-Hand Safety, select option "w Left-Hand Safety"; if your gun only has a Right-Hand Safety (on left side of gun activated by your right-thumb) then don't select this option.

These grips are more voluptuous and fuller relief than are my AB "Regular" grips which are 30% thinner. See my other 1911 Silver Jesus Grips for explanation of "Long" vs "Regular" grip styles. I'm also working to make them in pewter in the coming months, hopefully for less than half the cost. I do have a videos of me polishing these grips on my facebook page here and the waxes I use to cast them with here.

It takes about 7-10 days to finish a pair of grips once ordered and I make everything by hand. About a third of the cost of these grips is for the special anti-tarnish Sterling Silver I cast with, six times more durable than normal sterling. It's taken me lots of trial and error to get the shrinkage just right and have the holes fit perfect. The weight has been great to dampen the recoil on my 1911 and they fit nice in the hand! :)

I have more grips coming soon so check back!! I hope to have pewter versions of these soon at reduced cost. Check my other Jesus Sacred Heart Grips here.

God Bless.. Paul Ray Effinger

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