Paul Ray Effinger Art Foundry

Original Premium Silver Jesus Oval Pendant by Paul Ray Effinger

Premium .925 Sterling Silver .8 toz. Dimensions: h40 w29 d8 mm. Pendant is incised with one of Jesus' famous quotes on the front and Archangel Gabriel's on back. Backside also has traditional Sacred Heart of Jesus with crown of thorns, wound and fire. The bail (loop for chain) is symbolic of the nails that pierced Christ's hands, bent into an oval.

Please allow 1-2 days for shipping once ordered as I make everything by hand. I use a special anti-tarnish sterling silver to cast with, six times more durable and superior to normal sterling.

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I also have a matching Original 1911 Premium Silver Jesus Sacred Heart Pistol Grips here!

God Bless.. Paul Ray Effinger