Paul Ray Effinger Art Foundry

Original Bronze Sculpture "Eve" by Paul Ray Effinger

Dimensions: H39" W17" D17". Weight: 165 lbs. Three Artist Proofs & Limited Edition of 5 with signed Certificate of Authenticity. I recently made an 8 min video of the sculpture detail here.

"Eve" was my first figurative bronze sculpture I created in 2005 and my only derivative work of another artist (Evening Mood by William A. Bouguereau). I took a well-known classical subject and reproduced it in bronze as a mock commission. It took me a year to model in clay, create molds and bronze . Currently, it's my only Artist's Proof (AP# 1). It's been patinaed with traditional techniques and sealed with wax. The base is granite and wood.

This 1st Artist's Proof is ready for purchase. However, I have all the molds to complete a more thorough Limited Edition upon request which would take approximately 90 days to complete. I can also apply custom patinaes or choose various base materials at your request.

God Bless, Paul Ray Effinger

Eve 2005 $49,999

I began sculpting the clay model in 2003 after retiring as a Lead Character Artist & Art Director in the gamining industry where I worked about a decade.

Prior to gaming, I worked as a Mechanical Engineer at Texas Nuclear also a decade. Technical knowledge allowed me to build my own Fine Art Foundry as I completed this sculpture. I learned to cast bronze under the wing of Master Founder John Kasson.

I welded all the pieces via TIG and finished and polished the bronze.

Here, Michael Hall Studios & Foundry patinaed the bronze at my direction.

I mounted the bronze to a quality disc of granite and wood, completed in 2005.