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Original 1911 Special Edition Premium Silver Diamond/Ruby Inlayed Jesus Sacred Heart Grips

Special Edition, solid .925 Sterling Silver 13 troy ounces inlayed with diamonds and rubies, with signed Certificate of Authenticity. See detailed info below.

Inlayed Silver $1700 by Special Order Only

Backsides are perfectly flattened and scalloped to reduce weight.

On this set, I've inlayed 2.9mm diamonds into Jesus' eyes and 2.5-3mm rubies (symbolic of blood) into the crowns, but I can put other precious stones at your request. I'm inlaying these by hand, so no two will be exacly alike.

For added cost, I can customize your name at the bottom of "Regular" grips as I did for this patron below. I currently make these in Full-Size 1911 A1 "Regular" and "Magwell" grip styles. See my other 1911 Silver Jesus Grips for explanation.

Here I've set them on my own 1911 to ensure hole spacing is perfect.

There's also the option to order grips with a left-handed safety (as shown below).

I do have some videos of these grips on my FB page (view here and here).

These grips are based on a similar Jesus pendant I designed (available here). It takes about 2-3 weeks to finish a pair of special edition grips once ordered and I make everything by hand. A significant cost of these grips is for the special silver I cast with. Any special rare-grade stone cost you must pay for separately. It's taken me lots of trial and error to get the shrinkage just right and have the holes fit perfect. The weight has been great to dampen the recoil on my 1911 and they fit awesome in the hand! :)

I have more grips coming soon so check back!!

God Bless.. Paul Ray Effinger

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