Paul Ray Effinger ® Art Foundry

Original Bronze Sculpture "Eve" by Paul Ray Effinger

Dimensions: H39" W17" D17". Weight: 165 lbs. Three Artist Proofs & Limited Edition of 2 with signed Certificate of Authenticity.

"Eve" was my first figurative bronze sculpture I created in 2005 and my only derivative work of another artist (Evening Mood by William A. Bouguereau). I took a well-known classical subject and reproduced it in bronze as a mock commission. It took me a year to model in clay, create molds and bronze. Currently, it's my only Artist's Proof (AP1). It's been patinaed with traditional techniques and sealed with wax. The base is granite and wood. See how I made it here.

Eve was exhibited only once here at the National Sculpture Society's Community Exhibition for Texas and Oklahoma Sculptors, from 12/2/22 - 1/28/23, at Arts Fort Worth, 1300 Gendy Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76107.

Eve was a tremendous challenge to create but laid the path for me as a sculptor and founder! I have all the molds to complete more copies, but as of now AP1 is a one-of-a-kind and is available for purchase to the right person!

God Bless, Paul Ray Effinger

How I made Eve:

I began sculpting the clay model in 2003 after retiring as a Lead Character Artist & Art Director in the gaming industry where I worked about a decade. Though I was an expert digital figurative sculptor, I made this first sculpture in plasticine clay.

Prior to gaming, I worked as a Mechanical Engineer at Texas Nuclear also a decade. Technical knowledge allowed me to build my own Fine Art Foundry as I completed this sculpture. I learned to cast bronze under the wing of Master Founder John Kasson. He showed me how to section the clay above and to create rubber molds used to create wax copies. John cast the waxes into the bronzes pieces shown below.

I welded all the pieces via TIG and finished and polished the bronze.

Michael Hall Studios & Foundry patinaed the bronze for me later in 2007.

I mounted the bronze to a disc of granite and wood to finish the piece.