Paul Ray Effinger ® Art Foundry

Original Bronze Sculpture "Volnus" by Paul Ray Effinger

Dimensions: H18" W10" D18". Weight: 110 lbs. Three Artist Proofs & Limited Edition of 5 with signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Volnus is Latin for "injury", and it’s my matching sculpture to “Artifice” (completed 2018). The polished bronze was lacquered, waxed and mounted to a polished black granite base. See how I made it here.

This was my fourth bronze made entirely myself in my foundry workshop in 2013 and took a year to design and complete. It's my original artwork based on a live model that posed for me. It's my first sculpture I digitally designed with Max and ZBrush software. My first Artist's Proof (AP1) won Best of Show at the 2013 Texas Art Hop out of 630 pieces of art submitted, and has since sold.

Volnus is my homage to the Angels who fell with Lucifer. I imagined their great disillusionment and injury suffered by deception and betrayal to Jesus as portrayed in the Urantia Book.

I'm currently finishing a second copy, Artist's Proof #2 (AP2) in my foundry now. See progress pics of it here!

God Bless, Paul Ray Effinger

Volnus wins Best of Show at the 2013 Texas Art Hop, Georgetown, TX.

Volnus at the 2014 Catholic Diocese of Austin Sacred Art Gallery, Exhibit IV, Austin, TX.